Some Good News…

For the last three days, as I’ve done my best to take it easy and keep weight off my leg with the fractured hip, the hip itself has started feeling a bit better. What has disturbed me is that there is a region from my mid-thigh to my calf that actually hurts more each day. When I wake up after even the briefest of rests, and try to bend the leg enough to get out of bed, it feels as if someone is trying to peel the flesh from my bones – in other words, it hurts like hell. So today I returned to the doctor to find out what this is, and how the hip is progressing…

First, the hip is doing well, and the x-rays even show some bone regeneration along the fracture point. Not enough to allow any weight to be put down yet, but enough to be encouraging that I may get thru this yet without surgery. As for the other leg pain problem, he suggested three possibilities (interestingly enough the same three I came up with while sitting here). One, a break in the lower part of my femur that was overlooked initially in the excitement about the hip – new films ruled this out. Two, a blood clot caused by my increasing age and lessening of motion to the limb. This, too, was thankfully ruled out after being sent for a venous ultrasound. This was the one that scared me the most. And finally, the possibility of ligament damage in the knee area caused by the trauma during the ski accident. This one he didn’t rule out (yet) because he said there’s no sense worrying about it until the hip is healed, then we can consider rehab and therapy for all the problems. Meanwhile – it still hurts…

But if I take from this the good part, the hip is healing and there are no clots, so all in all, I think it was a good omen for things to come.

Bearing down on my hometown now is a major winter storm, with up to a foot of snow expected. Man – the things I could do out in that, but not this year. Instead I will continue to ponder what might have been, and what will be come Spring, and hope that this Spring is even more recuperative for me this year than simply a bright new season – it must be a new beginning as I hope to get out and wander as much as I possibly can this summer. I have been using this time to catch up on reading, and to try to learn to paint in watercolors, something I have dabbled in before, but not successfully. So far I am encouraged, so maybe I’ll be able to paint during my hikes when I’m healed.

So to close, I thought I’d share a YouTube video I discovered last night, thanks to a list-serv posting from the Olean Hiking Group – it shows some crazy, skilled lads paddling some big water in Norway, and the tune that’s been overlaid is pretty funky, too. Enjoy – I watched it at least a half-dozen times last night!

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