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To Mrs. Warlock – Happy Valentine’s Day

I wanted to take some time today to thank my significant other – nothing I could do or say would be enough, but here goes nothing…

When we met just about three years ago, I knew immediately you were the one I should have met many years before, and strangely enough, at our first embrace, I felt as if I had already known you for years. The first months of our relationship were truly blissful, and reality seemed to slip into the background – it was a wonderful foundation for us.

And then, reality hit hard…your father’s extended illness and recovery and the difficult emotional issues with that, my father’s illness and recovery, and the difficulty that distance has played with that one, the challenge of two young children and one older one that never seem to end, and moving twice within 18 months. And yet I knew that as long as you were there, none of this would matter.

And now, for me (and I think for you, too), the hardest part of all…my injury and inability to do very much for such a period of time. I have never had to rely on anyone as much as I have relied on you these past couple of weeks – and while I know it is difficult and challenging for you, I know you’re there whenever I need you. It’s one thing to cover for your partner when they have the flu, or are down for a couple of days, but this has been 18 days so far, with at least four more weeks ahead. You may flinch on the inside, but it hasn’t stopped you. Cooking (my passion, and usually my job), cleaning, shopping, and everything else – you’re there. And you’re still doing your best to hold down a full time job, and assist with the kids…

You are a wonderful woman, and tell you I appreciate all this seems insignificant, but know that I do. It’s difficult to keep an active Warlock down, and clearly your biggest challenge has been to get me to do what the doctor has told us – take it easy. I also know that when my pain is the greatest, it also becomes your pain – for that I am truly sorry.

I love you – I always have and I always will…this too shall pass, and like all the other adversities we have shared, as long as we’re together it will all be tolerable. I truly can not get thru this without you, and appreciate your help and support more than you will ever know. Thank you, because those are the only words there are, even though they do not come close to saying what they need to say.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Warlock – you are one of a kind, and I am very lucky to have found you when I did. Before you know it, we’ll be out there again, putting one foot in front of the other, together, as always.

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